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420 AREA - Positive Vibration Server

420 AREA

Positive Vibration Server


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and get a unique rare things...

After you Voted, type in game chat: /getreward and you will get FREE M249 Machinegun Rifle

You can vote every 24h and get a new gun.

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24x7 PVP Server with heigh FPS based on i7 CPU with 32 RAM and SSD HDD

Modded 100 slot 5000 map size

Press F1 in Game to open console and type: connect

Plugins Installed

  • Insta Craft
  • Quick Smelt
  • x10 Gather
  • tp and 5 home locations
  • big Stacks
  • Kits
  • Remove system
  • Web map (go in browser http://420a.tk/map) or ingame map press m
  • Friends System and friendly fire system
  • Clans
  • Better Loot System
  • Very Short Night
  • No Rain
  • Random Skins on craft
  • Block TP on raid or combat
  • Private Messages system
  • Enhanced Hammer
  • Player Bounty
  • Automatic Authorization


  • NO cheating or hacking. Do not abuse bugs or exploits (i.w. no base in rocks)
  • No chat spamming
  • Large Bases taht causes drop FPS or Lag to the server will be REMOVED
  • Raided Bases will be Removed ! Don't make it looks like Raided
  • All members of the clan will be banned if one of them use hack
  • No CAPS in chat
  • No racist/homophobic slurs on signs or in chat
  • Do no advertise other servers or websites
  • No Bad Words or Porn (+18) pictures on Steam profile
  • Rules maybe updated in any time

Finally any one Break the Rules he will be banned !

Server Commands




Private Messages


Player Bounty

Automatic Authorization


VIP Packages

To continue please Authorize using your Steam account:


Important !

  • Make sure you have enough space in your inventory before redeeming the kit, we won't refund the kits if you make a mistake or if you lose them under any circunstance.

  • These rewards will expire after 30 days from the purchase date, its a one time payment, not an ongoing suscription.

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